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Whitetail Deer

Some of my whitetail bucks I've seen over the past few years. Deer have always been my favorite animal to shoot (with my camera that is)! All pics were taken in the Newton area in the last 7 years. 

These are the biggest bucks I've seen over last few years.

2015 was a great year for big bucks in my area. Here are a few.

The 2014 rut was the best in years in my opinion. Here are a few shots from it.

Found a few nice velvet bucks in 2014.

Same 2 bucks after/during velvet shed. September 10, 2013

This is a buck I call the double throat patch 7. I saw him only once last year.

Big 8pt in velvet. Trail cam video of him below. August 16, 2013

Big NJ buck with Bushnell HD Trophy Cam in 2013

Was watching this buck all summer & got some good video & pics of him on multiple trail cams.

NJ Bucks in Velvet 2012

A pair of really nice whitetails in Andover township in August 2012.

Was good to see this buck I shot in October still alive on December 6 as it was hunting season.

NJ 9pt with Bushnell Trophy Cam HD taken in 2013

This is video taken with the Bushnell Trophy Cam HD in 2013 in my backyard in NJ.

Wildlife Eye 8pt

Big 8pt video taken with the now discontinued Wildife Eye video trail camera system.

I've been watching this buck for a couple months & have over 500 trailcam pics & video of him. This was first time seeing him during daylight hours. December 3, 2012

I can't believe I saw this buck. My third year in a row seeing him but in those 3 years I've only seen him 5 times. November 23, 2012

Really wide buck in Andover chasing a doe. November 22, 2012

8pt Andover, NJ buck. October 8, 2012

Really nice buck in Andover, NJ

Beautiful 8pt just about getting ready for the upcoming rut. October 8, 2012

Short Video of him above.

Droptine Buck

Big droptine buck filmed in Hampton, NJ August 22, 2012.

This awesome droptine buck I saw a few days in a row just outside of Newton.

August 24-25

August 23, 2012

August 22, 2012

Sunrise house bachelor bucks at dark. August 27, 2012

Updated pics of big 10 & 8pt. August 10, 2012

August 3, 2012

One of the biggest bucks I've ever got pics & video of in velvet. July 29, 2012

10pt Whitetail in velvet

And the buck he's running with in his bachelor group is this huge brow 8pt.

Beautiful 10pt with his bachelor group. August 2011

One of the biggest 6pts I've ever seen. August 2011

Huge brow tine buck. October 2009

I have a TON of trail camera pics of this big 8pt with broken brow tine. November 2009

Here I caught him working a scrape.

Giant 8pt in a cut corn field during the rut. November 2009

Awesome 2 1/2yr old I had some video of the year before. He really put on some inches. October 2009

Another nice 8pt working a scrape in Andover. November 2008

Big bodied 7pt locked down with a doe in Green township. November 2010

Beautiful 8pt with a gaping hole in neck from poacher's arrow in middle of day. Luckily he didn't look to hurt.

Here you can see the entry hole.

Wide 10pt in Lafayette. I have pictures & video of this deer for 6 straight years. August 2009

Same buck in September 2006.

Awesome 9pt in Lafayette trying to hide in the grass. I have video & pics of this buck from the year before too.

This buck I named the "double throat patch buck". I have 4 years of pics & video of this deer.

Giant 8pt I have pics & video of for 3 years. In this shot he was 3. September 2009

Good close up of the big 9pt in Lafayette. August 2009

Beautiful 2 1/2yr old 9pt making a rub in Paulinskill. September 2009

Nice typical 3 1/2yr old buck for NJ. November 2009

Classic lip curl seen during the rut. November 2009

Another shot of the huge broken brow tine 8pt. November 2009

Huge buck that was killed in Fredon back in 2001. November 2001