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March thru June is the time for bald eagle to lay their eggs , hatch little babes, then watch them grow to adult size in just 3 months. Since eagles have made such a comeback in our area there are quite a few nests near by to photograph. These are a few from March 2012. -Jeff

Rondout Reservoir Nest-March 15

Rondout Reservoir Nest:First Chick Hatches-March 22

Culvers Lake Nest-March 14

Culvers Nest-April 18

Culvers Nest-June 5

Culvers Nest-June 14 Little ones all grown up!

Even eagles have domestic disputes. June 26, 2012

After feeding the chicks the male came back to his perch.

July 2-Immature chick getting ready for first flight.

July 6-Super hot day close to 100 degrees. Even the eagles were panting!

July 9-My last visit to the nest. Only 1 of the chicks was still in the tree but he was getting ready to fly.