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Black Bears

Blackbears in Sussex County are a common sight the past 10 years. I have seen over 300 in the past 10 years mostly all in my car driving. I have many hours of video of them as well as photos. It's always exciting to see one & even better when I get a great shot.

These bears were from last 2 years.

Some bears from my backyard in May & June 2016.

Nice sow I saw in Peters Valley one afternoon.

I came across this big boar next to the walpack post office one evening.

Really beautiful boar roaming thru my yard one morning.

I won 2nd place at the fair in 2006 with this shot of a big sow in Andover.

Big boar walking across a lawn in Lafayette.

Another beautiful sow that came in my yard & destroyed my bird feeder.

Saw this huge boar walking thru this head high wheat field in Fredon.

Black Bear Wheat Field

Nice boar looking like he's innocent of tearing up garbage in Andover.

He then decided to go looking for a meal in this dumpster.

After getting in and rummaging around he popped up as if to say, "Can you please leave me alone".

Little baby cub that just crossed in front of me on Old Mine Road.

This bear was eating sunflower seeds in a field on RT 15.

Another shot of a bear in DWGNRA.

Really huge bear in the corn fields on Old Mine Rd.

Caught this bear in the grass field on Old Mine Rd.

6 month old cub giving me the old "evil eye" as I shot this pic from 5yds away in my car.

Huge boar in the cornfields near Van Campen Inn in Walpack.

Big boar that came at me in my yard one day. June 8, 2013